Join our research group!

We are always looking for motivated researchers to join our team and work with us on a variety of projects.

Details of specific funded positions we currently have available are shown below. We also consider some open applications and would be happy to investigate different funding options, please find further details below. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I do not have funding or space to host interns.

Specific positions currently available..

PhD Position: Machine Learning for Structural Damage Detection in Psoriatic Arthritis Hand Radiographs
PhD Position: Machine Learning for Structural Damage Detection in Psoriatic Arthritis Hand Radiographs

Working with the Royal United Hospital and Pfizer

More details..  

Open Applications

The group considers open applications for 3.5 year PhD positions from high quality candidates who satisfy RCUK residency requirements (the departmental details are available here) as well as through the new Centre for Doctoral Training in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI (ART-AI).

Industrial Contacts

We have access to a range of industrial contacts that will be available to interested students. These include: Foundry, The Imaginarium, DNEG, Anthropics, Niantic, Adobe, nVidia and Google. There is also the chance to go on a paid internship to work in a research department in the same field for students who demonstrate sufficient ability and motivation; these are intended to lead to further collaboration and shared authorship of papers.


The University requires students to have a first or upper second class honours degree with some further requirements for non-native English speakers (details available here).

Candidate without a Masters level course in computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning, applied mathematics, or a strongly correlated field would have to provide strong justification (and evidence) that they would be able to handle the maths and programming necessary to complete a PhD in this field.

Programming experience is a particular advantage, specifically proficiency in numerical programming in Python / C++ or similar. All of the techniques we use build on Linear Algebra and it would be desirable for the candidate to have experience in applied mathematics / numerical methods.


If you meet the requirements above and are interested in vision / graphics / machine learning then please get touch by contacting me and putting “PHD POSITION” in capitals at the start of the subject line of the email; please include a copy of your CV and feel free to include your motivations for doing a PhD and any questions you would like to ask me. I very much look forward to hearing from you.